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About Us

It all started when Jamie Martinez, a successful Project Manager was building a Costco Depot in Dallas, Texas and met Ellie Zeron, a Chemical Engineer working in the Oil and Gas industry at the time. Jamie convinced Ellie to move to Washington State where they started a family, they have two children, Elliana, a very competitive lacrosse player and Romario, a very passionate guitar player.

As the Martinez-Zeron family traveled around the country during Jamie's construction projects, one of the places they lived was San Mateo, California. Their frequent trips to Napa and Sonoma inspired Ellie to switch her career path, she enrolled the University of California Davis Extension Program and earned the Winemaker Certification in 2012. Ellie had already started looking for a property in the Red Mountain AVA since 2010, to plant the vineyard of her dreams.

In 2015, the Martinez-Zeron Family met the Schumacher Family of Red Mountain, when great conversations started between Ellie and Edward about acquiring that amazing property. 

In the Summer of 2016 the Martinez-Zeron Family finalized the purchase of the 5 acres from the Schumacher Family. The vineyard is located between Benton City and West Richland, at the smallest and hottest AVA's of Washington State.

The Martinez-Zeron Family are passionate people, with a great goal in mind: to grow the best grapes to produce delicious wines that will make them proud. Cheers! 

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